PET PANTRY           

**Please note that due to COVID 19, we have had to change our process for the pet food distribution. All distributions will continue to be drive up only, unless otherwise stated. Please note the distribution time has been changed to 9am until 2pm.  Please check back here on a regular basis for any changes**
On the last Thursday of every month, we will hand out dry dog food, dry cat food, canned dog food, canned cat food, jugs of cat litter, leashes, collars, harnesses, bedding, toys, cat towers, flea shampoo and anything else pet related that is donated to our foundation.
What you need to know:
*The purpose of the pet pantry is to provide pet food and supplies to those in San Bernardino County who are struggling financially. We do not want anyone to have to choose between feeding themselves and/or their families and feeding their pets.  We do not want any pets to have to be given up or go without due to lack of food.
*Our intent is to provide you with enough pet food for your pets to get you to your next check, no matter your source of income. We are not promising that we will provide you with enough food to feed all of your pets every month.  However, sometimes we recieve generous donations and some months you may get more supplies than others. 
*Everything we hand out is donated, therefore, we can not guarantee we will have the same items from month to month.
*Everyone is required to fill out an income information form and to sign a waiver.  You can do this the first time you come, while you wait in line.
If you would like to donate towards our pet food pantry, please fill out our contact form and one of us will contact you to make arrangements to collect your donation.

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