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We are a multi-faceted organization and we provide a number of different services for the San Bernardino community.



Do you need help with fixing your dog(s) or cat(s)?

Our primary geographic area of assistance at this time, is in the city of San Bernardino and Highland.  Seniors are also given preference.  Our ability to help is dependent on the funding we have at any given time.  We will try to help anyone in need.  If your needs are beyond what we can help with, we have other organizations that we can refer you to as well, so please reach out to us. 
You will be required to obtain a voucher from either Actors & Others or POPCO, in addition to our assistance. 
If you live in Redlands and need help, please contact the Redlands Animal Shelter and/or REDFOSA (Redlands Friends of Shelter Animals)  for vouchers and financial assistance.
If you live in Fontana, please contact Fontana Dept of Animal Services for low cost spay and neuter of $20.
If you live in Rialto or Colton, please contact the David Toro Foundation for vouchers and a list of their participating vets.
If you live in Yucaipa, please contact Yucaipa Animal Placement Society for vouchers and a list of thier participating vets.
If you live in Banning or Beaumont, please contact Animal Action League for information about their mobile spay and neuter clinic.
If you live in Ontario and surrounding cities, please contact Ontario Spay and Neuter for assistance.
To get started, please email us at:  daisyshopefoundation@gmail.com.  Please include the following information: your city, how many dogs and/or cats you need help with, and if your dog(s) are over or under 50 pounds, 

Pet Pantry

**Please note that due to COVID 19, we have had to change our process for pet food distribution. All distributions will continue to be drive-up only for the forseeable future. Please note the distribution time has been changed to 8 am until 12 pm.  Please check back here on a regular basis for any changes**
On the last Thursday of every month, we will hand out dry dog food, dry cat food, canned dog food, canned cat food, jugs of cat litter, leashes, collars, harnesses, bedding, toys, cat towers, flea shampoo, and anything else pet-related that is donated to our foundation.
What you need to know:


  • The purpose of the pet pantry is to provide pet food and supplies to those in San Bernardino County who are struggling financially. We do not want anyone to have to choose between feeding themselves, their families and feeding their pets.  We do not want any pets to have to be given up or go without due to lack of food.
  • Our intent is to provide you with enough pet food for your pets to get you to your next check, no matter your source of income. We are not promising that we will provide you with enough food to feed all of your pets, allmonth.  However, sometimes we receive generous donations, and some months you may get more supplies than others. 
  • Everything we hand out is donated, therefore, we can not guarantee we will have the same items from month to month.
  • Everyone is required to fill out an income information form and to sign a waiver.  You can do this the first time you come, while you wait in line.

    If you would like to donate to our pet food pantry, please fill out our contact form and one of us will contact you to make arrangements to collect your donation.


We are no longer taking in animals, but we do understand the current economic environment has forced many to have to find new homes for their pets. We care that you are able to find safe and loving homes for your beloved pets. That is why we have teamed up with Adopt-A-Pet and The Petco Foundation to help you safely rehome your pet.

Here's how it works:
1. Create a profile for you and your pet. 
2. The dedicated team at Rehome will give you all the help you need to select the best potential adopters.
3. The Rehome team will guide you through the process of setting safe and pressure-free meetings with applicants.
4.  Rehome will provide you with an adoption contract to protect the transfer of your pet ownership.
Click the banner on the left to get started. 


We provide free TNR services to residents and businesses in both San Bernardino and Highland. If you have a stray cat population that continues to grow and you need help with fixing the cats to stop the kittens, please contact us.  Depending on the number of cats involved, we will either do the trapping or lend you a trap and show you how to use it. We may also request your assistance in taking the trapped cats to our designated vet for the surgeries. 

Please note: we do NOT trap and remove / take away cats, unless we determine it is dangerous to return them. Our intention is to return all cats back to their known environments.

While this service is free to you, it does cost us money to provide the surgeries.  We would greatly appreciate any donation amount you can give, should you request our service.  Your donation will allow us to continue to help others with this same need. 

Barn and Working Cat Program

Our program, Barnyard Guardians, consists of feral or semi-feral cats that are willing to work in exchange for a safe environment, water and a little bit of food. These cats were either saved from being euthanized at the shelter or they were trapped in dangerous areas and could not be returned for safety reasons. They are adult cats who have the survival skills to stay safe and out of harm's way.

  • We will provide completely vetted cats and information on how to properly and safely acclimate them to their new home. 
  • We will request a home and property check to make sure our cats are safe from predators 
  • Two (2) cat minimum is required
  • We will NOT place cats under 1 year old in a working cat role
  • We will deliver them to you 

While this service is free to you, it does cost us money to vet and provide spay and neuter surgeries to the cats. We would greatly appreciate a donation of any amount to help with the costs. This will allow us to continue to provide this service to others.


Our large, annual free microchip clinic is always held in June, usually a weekend or two ahead of the Fourth of July. Please watch our social media for the event posting and details. 

We use Michelson Found Animal microchips for all of our chip clinics and when we chip your pets at our partner vet's office. Found Animals is a not for profit organization and their mission is to make sure your pets make it home safely, which is why it is completely free to register your chips and to update your information. This is for the lifetime of the chip. So, please, whenever we chip one of your pets, immediately register them to you. And whenever you have a change in address, phone numbers or emails, please update the chip information.  It's completely free!! 

Emergency Vet Bill Assistance

** Please note:  We are only able to help as funding allows **

** This program is for San Bernardino residents. We will review any other city requests on a case by case basis**


We will assist (as funds allow) with emergency medical diagnostics and treatment at our local partner vet - Arrowview Animal Hospital.  You will be required to pay the emergency exam fee (at a minimum), raise funds from friends and family, and contact other resources for assistance towards the cost of the bill, in order for us to assist.

The following is a short list of organizations that can help. There are many out there and each have their own application process. Please do your own research.

National Organizations

Bow Wow Buddies Foundation

Brown Dog Foundation

Frankie's Friends

RedRover Relief  916-429-2457

Local Organizations

Actors & Others 818-752-6725C

Animal Friends of the Valley

Herdina Fund (low income senior pet owners) 951-662-7655

Redlands Friends of Shelter Animals (REDFOSA)

RUFF 949-580-1092

Starfleet Canine Aid Foundation 

FAD: Free Animal Doctor


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