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Daisy’s Hope Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our goal is to provide subsidized spay and neuter services to low income pet owners, vaccinations and microchips, a pet pantry with much-needed food and supplies, and other resources to help pet owners in crisis situations keep their pets out of the shelter system.


Daisy’s Hope Foundation is targeting under-served communities in San Bernardino County where the need is great, starting with the City of San Bernardino.  The City of San Bernardino had been in bankruptcy for many years and it's effects continue to be felt and observed today.  When we formed Daisy's Hope in 2016, San Bernardino ranked #2 in the nation in terms of poverty levels, second to Detroit. According to the current (2019) census data, San Bernardino currently ranks #5 in the nation in terms of poverty levels. San Bernardino City and County animal shelters are almost always full, have very limited budgets, and will euthanize for space and sickness.


The foundation has four founding board members, all of whom have independently fostered animals that have been rescued from high kill shelters in Southern California. We have witnessed (and worried over) the overwhelming number of cats and dogs that enter the San Bernardino City and Devore (the County shelter). We have seen the numerous rescues and individuals who do everything in their power to network and save as many of these animals as possible. Unfortunately, the animals just keep coming in. We have come to the realization that, while we are saving animals by fostering and rescuing, there isn’t enough being done to prevent these animals from entering the shelter system. And so, Daisy’s Hope Foundation was formed.

Our current board members are Jennifer Rosengard (President), Marie Jenkins Scheffler (TNR Director/Secretary) and Steve Rosengard (Treasurer).



Daisy is an orange tabby kitty that was abandoned and left to fend for herself on the streets of San Bernardino, as seen in the picture.  A local PetSmart manager found her and took her in.  Daisy was spayed, vaccinated, and put up for adoption, and we helped her find a forever home in Kansas, where Daisy is now living a happy life.  Daisy's situation is a common scenario that we see every day...so in her name we started this foundation to help the neglected, abandoned, abused, and unwanted pets that end up in the streets or in an animal shelter.
There are many “daisies” out there that need our help.  Many are never lucky enough to find a forever home and they end up in a shelter and never make it out, or they live in the streets where they are neglected, have to fend for themselves, and sometimes intentionally hurt by people.  
We provide a safety net to help pet owners keep their pets, so they don’t feel they have no other choice than to abandon their pet in a random place...or surrender their pet into a shelter. By providing spay and neuter services, community outreach, education, and assistance to pet owners, who want to keep their pets, this will help reduce the number of shelter intakes and ultimately reduce the number of pets that are euthanized every year.  We can't do it alone...we need your help.

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