There are many opportunities to volunteer.  Some current volunteering opportunities are:
Community Outreach:  We have opportunities to help with community outreach activities with our spay and neuter programs, pet food bank, and shelter intervention program.  Volunteers who can speak/translate Spanish is very helpful.
Pet Transporting:  We often times will need assistance with transporting animals to and from vet appointments or adoption events. 
Volunteer at Upland PetSmart Adoption Events:  Every Sunday we are at the Upland PetSmart from 11:00am to 3:00pm.  We need help with setting up, helping the public with inquiries on dogs or cats that are there wanting to adopt a pet, and tearing down the set-up. 
Volunteer at Santa Barbara PetSmart Adoption Events:  At least once a month we are at the Santa Barbara PetSmart from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  We need help with setting up, transporting animals from the Inland Empire and Los Angeles to Santa Barbara for the day, and then returning the pets to their foster homes later that day.
Short-term fostering in the Inland Empire and Santa Barbara:  We work very closely with the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter and there is a high demand for fosters. Sometimes it can be for a couple of days, couple of weeks, or until the animal is adopted. 
Handyman:  We will often times need the assistance of a handyman to help a pet owner repair a fence or enclosure to keep a pet from getting out of the yard and other miscellaneous type of projects.
If you have a specialty that you think might help animals or their families, we would love to hear from you.  We always love hearing new ideas!

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