Daisy’s Hope Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our primary mission is to reduce the shelter overpopulation by providing subsidized spay and neuter services, vaccinations and microchips, a pet pantry, and other resources to help low income, senior, and at-risk pet owners in crisis situations to keep their pets out of the shelter system.  Our foundation targets under-served communities in San Bernardino, and surrounding cities, where the needs are so tremendous.  We believe that lack of resources should not be a reason that a pet owner feels they have no other option than to surrender their pet to an animal shelter.  Everyone deserves the unconditional love and companionship that a pet provides.     


Two fires in California have forever changed our lives. Both started November 8th: the Woolsey Fire in Ventura County, Los Angeles, has burned almost almost 100,000 acres, while the Camp Fire in Butte County, has burned 140,000 acres and destroyed 1,200 structures. 
Thousands of people are permanently without homes and tens of thousands of pets and farm animals have been displaced, injured and killed. 
We need YOUR help to support these animals who do not have a voice. Please consider a donation of any size. 100% of all donations will be going to support no-kill rescues that are taking in as many fire victims as they can. These donations will go to helping them with:
  • Food
  • Bedding
  • Kitty litter
  • Blankets
  • Vet care
  • Medications
  • Blankets
  • and so much more!
See below for photos from this week's donations to:
  • Little Loves Rescue in Malibu, partnering with Cesar Milan's Dog Psychology Center, LA
  • Ventura County Animal Services Center
  • Room 8 Memorial Cat Sanctuary, Riverside
To donate, please go to the top of the page for the "Donated" tab. Please note your donation is for "fire relief".   Thank you for any help you can provide! 


2018 Goals and Programs for Daisy's..

Last week, we published our 2017 year end statistics, and while we are very proud of those accomplishments, there's definitely more work to be done, and we have been busy already!

1. Spay and Neuter is our primary mission for San Bernardino. We have entered into an agreement with Riverside County to bring their mobile unit to the city FIVE times this year! And we offer it for free to the residents. FREE!! No other organization does that for these underserved residents. Our first two scheduled dates are Feb 15th and May 17th. If you would like to donate towards the mobile unit, let us know! We need help funding them.

2. We, along with several of our rescue partners, will be hosting THREE FREE vaccine & microchip clinics for the dogs and cats of the city. Our selected dates at this time are March 10th, June 2nd, and Sept 1st. We will also be providing dog training, community cat education and have lots of goodies to hand out. If you would like to donate towards the vaccines or microchips, let us know. If you would like to donate leashes, collars or bedding, contact us for drop off/pickup. And, we will need volunteers!! We welcome anyone who would like to come be a part of these amazing events.

3. Our new TNR division - there is no coordinated effort to TNR community cats in the city of San Bernardino. Kitten season in this area is very difficult for the shelters, the rescues and the kittens themselves. We want to reduce the suffering as much as we possibly can. We would like to welcome the Chair of our TNR committee, Marie Jenkins Scheffler, to our team. If you would like to be a part of the solution, please let us know. We have already begun to TNR and we have several trapping projects lined up, one this wee with 30 cats. This is a program we are very excited about.

4. We are in two PetSmart Adoption Centers this year, West Covina and Redlands. All of our kitties have been saved from the streets and shelter of San Bernardino. Come visit them and adopt your new family member. Or, if you would like to volunteer to help take care of and to socialize the kitties during their stay at the center, let us know! We welcome junior volunteers as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

5. Our pet pantry - Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily suspend this program. The logistics and storing of the food was very difficult for us. We know the need is great to help people (especially seniors) feed and take care of their pets, and it is upsetting to us to have to do this. What we need to continue is a donated warehouse or space in a warehouse within the city of San Bernardino. Please, please contact us if you or someone you know can help us with this. We are getting daily emails and phone calls asking when our next pet food distribution is, and we don't want to be on hiatus for very long. This service is important in helping to keep pets in their homes.

We expect to have a very productive year but we certainly can not do any of this without our supporters, our volunteers and our donors. ---Jennifer, President of DHF




 For those of you who are new to our page, welcome and thank you for following us. In case you didn't know, we have a pet pantry to assist the under served pet owners in both the city and county of San Bernardino.

We set up at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center once a month and hand out free dog and cat food, treats, litter, and toys and other supplies as they are donated to us. We do this in order to help keep pets who have homes, in their hom...es and out of the high kill shelters in the area. And as funds permit, we also issue vouchers for free spay and neuter in order to address the dog and cat overpopulation problem in the city.

On Thursday the 19th, we handed out supplies for 2.5 hours and once again, ran out and unfortunately had to turn people away.

We want to thank our awesome volunteers for all of their hard work helping unload and setting up and then in assisting pet owners with supplies. Andrew Cunningham, Ashley Parada, Marie Jenkins Scheffler, Hannah Taylor, Bonnie Luckoff and Susie Maioli. You all rock!

We served a record 249 pet owners and helped to feed 697 dogs and 378 cats! WOW!

We handed out 377 bags of dry dog food and 540 cans of dog food. We handed out 134 bags of dry cat food, 1400 cans of cat food and 44 jugs of litter. We had hundreds of bags of dog and cat treats and some miscellaneous toys, leashes and collars.

We issued 15 spay and neuter vouchers on the spot for a total of $1307. #nomorebabies

All in all, it was a busy but great day! Thank you to our supporters for making it possible to issue those vouchers. We couldn't do it without your help.



We are so excited to report that the first vaccination and microchip clinic we co-sponsored in San Bernardino was a huge success, and we were excited to work along side other organizations who sponsored and coordinated the clinic as well - it was a huge undertaking.

We were right in the heart of San Bernardino at the Elks Lodge. The clinic started at 11am, and there were probably 50-75 pet owners waiting for the clinic to start. At 1:30pm we, unfortunately, had to cut the line and turned probably 50 or more pet owners away because the vaccinations and microchips were running out.  We gave out 250 vaccines and 200 microchips. 

Thank you everyone who donated and supported us in this event. Take a look at some of the pictures of those pet owners who benefited from your generosity.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who were so instrumental - Dr. Cindy Servantez, who was the veterinarian who donated her time and without her we could not have done this clinic.

This is the first of many more to come.

Our primary mission is to reduce the shelter overpopulation with spaying and neutering, and providing intervention assistance to keep pets out of shelters.  Lack of resources should not be a reason that a pet owner feels they have no other option than to surrender their pet to an animal shelter.  Everyone deserves the unconditional love and companionship that a pet provides.
  We are an approved Petsmart Charity.                                              
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